Living here in Rotterdam, you can’t help be impressed with the size of the HUGE ships which transport containers around the globe, to and from the docks here. Indeed, something I really enjoy is sitting by the mouth of the river Maas at Hoek van Holland watching these monsters moving elegantly out to sea and off to other oceans.

Now, one of my pet hates is the horrible necessity of the “extension plug” which we end up buying to accommodate that new hard drive, or the scanner, sure you know the score. This little beauty is a great answer to that problem. The body of the extender is shaped like a ship, and when you add your devices’ power packs to the sockets, you add containers to the ships.

Hell, I’m even thinking about painting my scanner power pack in the colours of a Delta Lloyd, or Safmarine container… or if anyone wants to sponsor my printer plug I would paint it in the colours of their containers.

Once again this is a great example of someone re-thinking an everyday object which we take for granted and making it into something less ugly and something you can more easily live with on your desk. As before, if you want to tell us how you would re-think something, then let us know is the comment boxes, adding momentum to our “Everybody can design Innovation award” idea.