As a Brit living in Europe, getting used to the ‘Euro’ as a currency has been a slow process. The thing which has always struck me about the Euro is how modern the designs are in comparison to the UK Pound. The UK coinage has been a traditional and historically based emblem for years, and The Royal Mint (who issue the pound) recently held a competition to redesign the images which would adorn the reverse (the ‘tails’ side) of the coins.

The winner of the competition was a Graphic Designer by the name of Matthew Dent. At the age of 26 the designer took the project to heart and invested time using research and revision to produce his series of designs. Thankfully the designs for the new coins are modern in design, using historic heraldic emblems and using dynamic crops of the image to create a very modern and appealing design.

We say well done Matthew, it’s time we had a revision of the UK coinage and this design is a great example of how design crosses old and new.